Codigo will take care of that for you. For reasons pertaining but not limited to legal and taxation laws, the developer will have to sign a legally binding contract with a legal entity registered in the developer’s respective country. Codigo will be the legal entity operating in Myanmar/Vietnam and thus will legally employ the developer. Although the developers are a legal employee of Codigo, they are your resource and for you to manage. Your project is confidential and Codigo will not facilitate the assignment and fulfilment of tasks. Codigo will facilitate the working environment ensuring that all developers are well taken care of at all times

Yes, you may ask your employee to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement upon the commencement of employment. It is a fairly common practice.

There is a minimum period of one year for full-time contracts.

According to Myanmar’s labour law, when an employee is in his/her probation period, you can choose to terminate the contract by giving the employee a 1-week notice period. For any employee that has passed their probation, you will need to give them at least 30 working days notice before terminating the contract.


We have positioned ourselves to be the top Tech Company in Myanmar/Vietnam to work at amongst developers. We have been reaching out to the community of developers by conducting workshops and establishing mentorship programs for the past several years. This makes it easy for us to constantly grow our pool of experienced developers.

There are currently no part-time contracts. We would like all our developers to be fully focused on a single project for a single company. That means to provide them employment full time.

We will start looking into part-time contracts if there are enough demand.

Yes you can conduct your own interview, technical or non-technical. You may either conduct it online via Zoom or come to our Codigo’s Office in Myanmar/Vietnam to conduct the interview.

Prior to letting you preview the developers, we conduct several rounds of vigorous screenings.

In the first round of screening, candidates will go through a series of aptitude tests which includes abstract reasoning, numerical reasoning and verbal reasoning. The candidates’ proficiency in English will also be assessed at this stage.

After which the candidates will be interviewed. It is an informal conversation to allow us to hear more about the candidates’ past experience and to understand the candidates’ expectations. It is also an opportunity for Codigo to set our expectations for the candidates.

The candidates’ past experience and qualifications stated will then be verified with the respective sources. At this stage, we will review the candidates' portfolio and git repository.

Lastly the candidates will undergo a series of technical interviews conducted by our Tech Leads and CTO.

It is only after the candidates have cleared all the above-mentioned rounds of screening, we will then recognise them as developers for you to preview.


Once the developer has been assigned to you, it is solely your resource and for you to manage. Codigo will not assign your developer projects from other companies.

You are welcome to fly over and work alongside the developers at our office in Myanmar/Vietnam during business hours. Alternatively, you may fly the developers to your company and have them work a lot closer with the whole team.

The developers in Codigo generally use Zoom and Slack. The developers are flexible to use whichever communication channels your company employs.

Codigo has varying levels of developers. You may choose to hire a CTO level developer and he can ensure that all technical implementations are up to industry standards.

No, If the developer does not possess the required hardware or operating system, your company has to provide one for the developer.

Getting general equipment is not a problem. We can assist by getting a first hand or second-hand hardware in Myanmar/Vietnam. If you have really specific hardware requirements you would like your developer to use, we can assist by shipping your device to the developer.

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