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For as low as $2,150/month, tap into our reservoir of skilled tech talents, complete with handled payroll, a dedicated workstation, and inclusive employee benefits. All the gain, none of the pain.

  • Pay scale is skill-dependent.
  • There will be a one-time onboarding fee of SGD 2,500 regardless the number of hires. This covers hiring paperwork, logistics management, conducting interviews, running ads, and more.
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SGD 1,300
Caretaker Fee
SGD 850
No. of hires
SGD 2,150

We provide it all

Our caretaker fee isn't just a charge; it's your key to an engaged, efficient, and resourceful tech team.

2x High speed internet

We enhance your tech team's productivity with lightning-fast internet speed—our 2x high-speed connection ensures seamless collaboration and efficient project delivery.

Secure Facilities

Ensure the safety and security of your tech talents with our top-notch facilities, providing them with a conducive environment to focus on their tasks without worries.

Electricity Generator

Keep operations running smoothly even during power outages with our reliable electricity generator, ensuring uninterrupted work for your tech team.

24/7 office access

Empower your tech team with flexibility and round-the-clock access to our office facilities, allowing them to work on their own schedule and meet project deadlines effectively.

Office supplies & Printing Facilities

Equip your tech team with the resources they need. Our office supplies and printing facilities ensure they have everything at their fingertips to deliver outstanding results.

Monthly Bonding Activities

Foster a sense of camaraderie and teamwork among your tech talents through engaging monthly bonding activities, boosting morale and collaboration within the team.

Well-Stocked Pantry

We support your tech team's well-being and productivity with our well-stocked pantry, offering a variety of snacks and beverages to keep them energized and focused.

HR & Office Admin

Provide your tech team with dedicated support and assistance for their administrative needs so they can focus on their core tasks without distractions.

Compare with other services

Comparison table based on hiring a 10-man team

Self Hiring

Traditional Recruitment

Tech for Hire by Codigo


$40,000 - $100,000 / month for a 10-man team

$40,000 - $100,000 / month for a 10-man team (excluding 1 month recruitment fee)

$28,000 / month for a 10-man team Inclusive of onboarding fee


Approx 6 - 24 months*

Approx 6 - 12 months*

Within 3 months*



First month of checking

24/7 Support


Internal network and source

Limited talent pool based on context

More and 10,000+ pool of talents

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Preferred team size

1 - 5