Streamlining FWD Insurance Services through Digital Transformation

Streamlining FWD Insurance Services through Digital Transformation

Transforming Traditional Insurance Services in a Cost-Effective Manner

FWD Insurance aimed to revolutionize the traditional insurance experience with a user-friendly mobile app that offers services like seamless claims submission, telemedicine consultations, and location-based searches for clinics and workshops. However, maintaining and developing new features in-house proved to be both time-consuming and costly.

Leveraging Codigo's Offshore Development Teams for Seamless App Enhancement

FWD Insurance partnered with Tech for Hire by Codigo to meet this challenge. Opting to go with Codigo's offshore development teams allowed FWD Insurance to maintain and even expand their app's capabilities, all while saving considerable time and money compared to contracting external digital agencies.

Advanced Features, Time Savings, and Scalable Success

With the help of the developers from Tech for Hire by Codigo, the FWD Insurance app now boasts a range of cutting-edge features. Users can easily consult doctors while traveling, locate the nearest car repair shops, and even track referral rewards. Importantly, the app facilitates hassle-free claims through easy photo uploads of receipts and documents.

Pioneering Tomorrow's Insurance Experience

Codigo's Tech for Hire has empowered FWD Insurance to effectively refine its digital products, improving its customer experience. The collaboration signifies a client-service provider relationship and a long-lasting partnership geared towards continuous innovation and efficiency.

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